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Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone

Introducing Amphora NFT Pass: Injective Edition

Following the first successful launch of Amphora, Dagora is eager to expand this NFT pass model to other blockchains. With the latest edition of Amphora on Injective, we aim to provide unprecedented functions that could put you at the forefront of the NFT space.
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Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone
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Published Oct 30 2023
Updated Nov 21 2023
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Dagora made the decision to go to Injective to foster the constantly developing environment of DeFi and create a robust playground for NFTs to thrive alongside the community's growth by providing proper rewarding perks. We are here for the Injective community, and that's why we bring you Amphora: Injective Edition. 

Learn more about the Aphora NFT Pass at Introducing Amphora NFT Pass: Sei Edition 

Amphora: Injective Edition - Enrich the vibrant pulse of the ecosystem with NFT

Our journey to expand the NFT ecosystem on Injective and strengthen its immersive community is just getting started. We envision Amphora to help you maximize your NFT experience, serving as a stepping stone for Injective users to push the boundaries of what is possible with NFTs. 

As we work to enhance the benefits that Amphora holders receive, we look forward to becoming the go-to NFT Marketplace platform for projects to grow their vibrant communities.

Collection information

Collection name: Amphora: Injective Edition
Minting Schedule as below:


Unlock full potential of the vast world of NFTs with Amphora on Injective, the pass to exclusive minting rounds of NFT projects launching on Dagora. Secure highly anticipated NFTs at a fraction of the cost by owning Amphora.

More offerings for Amphora: Injective Edition holders will be rolling out soon for the best user experience possible. Amphora is the key to staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving NFT landscape.

How to get Whitelisted?

The Dagora team would like to express our appreciation to the community members who have supported us on Injective since the very beginning. We are running a variety of activities in order to give everyone a chance to be Whitelisted. 

Jump in the opportunities to get Amphora Whitelist:

You are surely in the Whitelist if you are:

Injective Ninja Pass Holders & Injective Ambassador from Knight role and above

Actively participate in these campaigns to win a Whitelist slot:

Join if you are Injective Supporter OAT Holders
Complete all the Missions of the Whitelist Race (details will be released on October 31, 2023)
Collect the NFTs of your favorite projects of the “Path to Mastery” Hot Drops series as each project of this series will be distributed Whitelist slots based on the mint amount:

           Top 1: 200

           Top 2: 100 

           Top 3: 50

           Each remaining partner will get 25 slots 

More activities to come!

About Dagora 

Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone. Dagora facilitates everyone to create, collect, trade, and fully unlock the possibility of NFTs by providing comprehensive features, tools, full-stack services, and dedicated support.

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