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Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone

Introducing Amphora NFT Pass: Sei Edition

We are excited to unveil Amphora: Sei Edition, an NFT pass with a subscription-based incentive scheme featuring unprecedented functions to immerse you in the rhythmic flow of the Sei waves. All of Dagora's supporters on the Sei Testnet phase are in for a treat with this Sei Mainnet milestone!
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Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone
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Published Aug 25 2023
Updated Sep 06 2023
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While it is easy to replicate the success of other NFT projects, achieving even greater success requires a truly innovative and groundbreaking approach. As builders, we embark on an endless journey of experimentation and new idea creation, poised to contribute to the future of NFT space. 

Dagora is ready to bring the new incentive scheme to the NFT community so that they can navigate their NFT voyage with ease. The new grand NFT journey is here - Amphora is shipping! 

Introducing Amphora 

More than just an original NFT project, Amphora is a subscription-based incentive scheme with the potential to change the game. It represents a movement, a revolution, and a streamlining of the future of NFT. 

By providing Amphora, we are enthusiastic about giving exclusive privileges to Dagora fans so that you can have early access to a variety of utilities, rather than speculative common NFTs on the market.

We believe that by securing our holders' benefits through this new incentive program, we can bring together like-minded people who aim to dive into a captivating NFT landscape and conquer new heights as well as pursue the dream of the best NFT marketplaces. 

You are not owning a piece of NFT, you are owning the membership of a community. Don’t miss the shot to receive ongoing features, utilities, and unpredictable rewards with Amphora! 

Amphora: Sei Edition is now setting sail!

Amphora: Sei Edition is an oceanic NFT pass to the Sei of unimaginable possibilities. Experience a tidal wave of exclusive and unpredictable perks, making it a worthy addition to anyone who is part of the Dagora on Sei community. 

Mint schedule 

NFT collection: Amphora: Sei Edition 
Supply: Unlimited
Mint price: 
Amphora Whitelist price: 100 SEI
Amphora Public price: 300 SEI
Minting Duration: 
Whitelist Round:
 Public Round: You can mint Amphora anytime starting from:

*The earlier you hold Amphora, the more perks you will receive.

Expiration day:  August 27, 2024 


Amphora holders have a major edge in the NFT space with exclusive access to minting rounds for every NFT project launching on Dagora. Rare and valuable NFTs are within your reach at a fraction of the cost, take the initiative by owning Amphora.

We strive to continually improve our platform and offerings to provide Amphora holders with the best user experience possible. If you want to be at the forefront of the NFT space, then Amphora is the key.


How to get Whitelisted?

The Dagora team understands the importance of community and we would love to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support throughout our journey. To give everyone a chance to join our whitelist, we've been running a variety of social activities. 

By actively participating in any of the campaigns listed below, you could be eligible for the whitelist! 

Early testnet users on Sei
Quests on Zealy
Community activities (Whitelist Race, Discord Rumble, etc)
Campaigns with our partners/ projects on the Sei ecosystem

Are you on the whitelist? Connect your wallet to Dagora and check it out! 

How many Amphora NFTs can each wallet mint?

Unlimited. You can mint as many Amphora NFTs as you want.

Why unlimited supply and expirable NFTs?

Take Amphora as a subscription pass, not a speculative asset. With that being said, Dagora will focus on building more and more utilities that Amphora’s holders can benefit from constantly once the NFT is minted.

Why is the duration for minting so long and also extendable?

Amphora as its nature is similar to a subscription package. Therefore, we want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of it. The long minting duration and extensibility of the Amphora Pass are designed to make it accessible to as many people as possible. It allows users to hold the Pass and enjoy the benefit at any time during the 1-year term.

The earlier you hold Amphora, the more perks you will receive.

What will Dagora use the revenue generated from the NFT sales for?

The majority of the revenue generated from the NFT sales will be allocated to the treasury. This treasury will be used to create new utilities and give them out to Amphora’s holders. The specific numbers will be concluded in future announcements.

Does Amphora have a roadmap?

Many projects may fail to turn their ambitious roadmaps into reality, but Dagora firmly believes that actions speak louder than words. We focus on building and delivering utilities that provide our holders with real value, making them satisfied with their subscriptions.

Will Amphora be a multichain NFT?

Our goal is to capture as many users as possible. Amphora on Sei is just the first step in our journey. We are ambitious with our plan and believe that Amphora will give the general NFT ecosystem a new breeze.

We will not ride the coattails of other marketplaces; we will create our own wave to become one of the best NFT marketplaces out there. 

About Dagora

Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone. Dagora facilitates everyone to create, collect, trade, and fully unlock the possibility of NFTs by providing comprehensive features, tools, full-stack services, and dedicated support.