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Introducing Dagora - Your Gateway to the NFT World

In a world where digital assets are rapidly gaining popularity and acting as the bridge for millions of people to Web3, Dagora was created to make NFTs accessible to everyone, bringing mass adoption easier than ever before.
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Published Mar 14 2023
Updated Mar 14 2023
3 min read

Surging NFT adoption 

The NFT space has grown its own niche during the time since 2021, with the valuation of this market at $15.7B. No matter how volatile the market has been, thousands of NFTs have debuted month after month over time.

The recognition of many major players in the traditional industry has also had a significant impact on the attention of many individuals. Reddit's rollout of collectible avatars coincided with the creation of almost 3 million crypto wallets. YouTube has incorporated NFTs into new creator tools. Dolce & Gabana auctioned Dolce & Gabbana auctioned off NFT-based digital couture valued at millions of dollars, to name a few.

Since NFTs are a fascinating entrance to digital assets, the advent of Dagora offers a simple groundwork for both professionals and novices to easily explore the NFTs industry and the entire Web3 area, which transitions mainstream individuals to Web3 and vice versa introduces NFTs to the globe.

The story begins 

Inspired by the ancient Greek Agora, a bustling marketplace that served as the center of commercial and social activity in Athens, a decentralized NFT marketplace, Dagora is built to recreate the community-driven spirit of the ancient Agora in the digital age.

During the soft launch, Dagora supports Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and Solana. More blockchains such as Ethereum, Sei Network, Arbitrum, Optimism, … are coming. 

In the meantime, it notably releases Marketplace, Launchpad, and Hot Drops features.


Dagora NFT marketplace is a platform allowing users to buy, sell, and trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with some key features:

  • NFT Listing: Users can list their NFTs for sale on the marketplace. They can set a price or put their NFT up for auction or other selling options.
  • NFT Discovery: Buyers can browse the marketplace to discover new and unique NFTs. They can search by category, artist, price, or popularity.
  • Transaction Management: The marketplace facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers. It handles the payment process and ensures that the NFT is transferred to the buyer once payment is received

Our marketplace is now open, check it here:


The Launchpad is home to exclusive NFT launches. We gather the most unique decentralized NFT projects, providing early access at discounted prices. Curated projects, recognized artists, and celebrities are all welcome to share assets on our platform.

Visit our Launchpad now: 

Hot Drops

Hot Drops is Dagora NFT Marketplace's free NFT minting feature. It offers unique and rare NFTs from various artists, and users can claim them for free.

Hot Drops feature is available here: 

Expanding the Coin98 Ecosystem, Enhancing C98 Token Utilities

With the reveal of a new building block - Dagora, the Coin98 ecosystem keeps expanding, and our mission of making web3 accessible to everyone is one step closer.

Dagora is a vital piece of the Coin98 ecosystem, fostering the ultimate experience for Web3 users, from using Coin98 Wallet to accessing the entire DeFi ecosystem on multiple chains and now to enjoying the NFT world at ease.

Dagora also unlocks a new utility for C98 when adopting it on the platform together with other cryptocurrencies, broadening the choices available to NFT users. C98 holders can participate in various activities such as auctions, launchpads, and hot drops, which helps build up a positive network effect over time.

Coin98 Labs will continue to innovate and build new utilities for C98; hence, more and more value will be captured and re-distributed to Coin98 Community.


Aiming for the future 

This soft launch is our greetings to the Web3 world. In the next phase, Dagora envisions becoming the reliable Web3 onboarding platform for buyers, sellers, and creators with tailored support for any need.

In doing so, we are shifting toward a focus on product innovation, developing more astonishing features to draw mainstream people to the platform. There will be a full-stacked service that supports creators specifically from conception to completion and widely distributes their creations across the community.

Also, Dagora is on track to build a community of NFT enthusiasts who are dedicated to this sector and share common goals for a sustainable future.

Stay in the loop! The latest updates will be announced soon. 

About Dagora 

Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone. Dagora facilitates everyone to create, collect, trade, and fully unlock the possibility of NFTs by providing comprehensive features, tools, full-stack services, and dedicated support. 

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