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Dagora Mission #2: Set Sail

After having a thrilling exploration on Dagora NFT Marketplace, all Seilors are eligible for our Hot Drops event to mint the Dagora on Sei NFT, proving that you have successfully completed your mission. Similar to Mission #1, this is one of our Dagora exploration series on Sei Testnet and this series is included in the Sei Testnet Mission.
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Published May 12 2023
Updated May 12 2023
1 min read


Seilors, here is your mission to be ready to set sail: 

  1. If you haven’t downloaded the Coin98 Extension, download it at Please note that you can only access Dagora if you have the Coin98 extension. 
  2. Check your balance or grab more SEI test tokens from the faucet by entering your SEI account and clicking “next”.
  3. Follow our Twitter and Sei Twitter 
  4. Join Dagora Discord at
  5. Connect to the Dagora Testnet site:
  6. Mint the Dagora on Sei NFT at 

If you haven’t done the mission #1, you can navigate this blog to complete the mission.

For more information about how to download the Coin98 Extension, get the SEI testnet token, and explore all the features on Dagora, you can review this blog to get an outlook on our NFT Marketplace.

This mission will last for 20 days, starting from May 12, 2023.

We are excited to have you join us as we embark on a new era of sustainable NFT expansion. Let's sail the Sei, Seilorsss!

About Dagora

Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone. Dagora facilitates everyone to create, collect, trade, and fully unlock the possibility of NFTs by providing comprehensive features, tools, full-stack services, and dedicated support. 

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