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Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone

Dagora introduces 'On-Chain the Art', Unfolding a New Dawn for Web2 Artists to Shine in the NFT Universe

Dagora is proud to extend a hand to the painters, creators, and visionaries of Web2 with the On-chain The Art launchpad series, gently supporting them across the threshold into a world where their work is put on the blockchain, ready to meet true NFT enthusiasts.
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Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone
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Published Dec 27 2023
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Are you an artist? Let's on-chain the art with us here.

Bridging Web2 artists to the new era

For artists dreaming of launching NFTs, the road can be bumpy. Wrestling with the technical side can feel like trying to mix paint without a palette, while the maze of new jargon is like a canvas from another dimension. Growing a community in Web3 is another art form altogether, one that many haven't yet mastered, and when funds are tight, these dreams can seem a universe away.

Here stands Dagora, lifting you over these hurdles. With a spirit of support and collaboration, we help turn the complex into the achievable, empowering your art in the NFT space with ease and enthusiasm. On-chain The Art becomes more than a possibility– it becomes your new, vibrant reality.

Introducing On-chain The Art

In the landscape where artistry meets innovation, On-chain The Art emerges as the typical conduit for the transition from traditional artworks to digital ones. It is more than a mere concept; it represents a fundamental shift in how art is disseminated, experienced, and owned.

Starting on this journey, we are excited to collaborate with MeendArt, the project that promotes the power of Art and improves the imbalance of opportunities for artists, especially in Healing and Spiritual art. We will be connecting with several Web2 artists and dedicatingly supporting them in achieving their goals and on-chaining their art. Let’s welcome our first 10 artists onboarding, Onimal, Mebbit, Marina Ten, Zzangzzang, Banagyu, Arts.asp, Manjuu(Meendart leader), Linalee, Metafighter, Szé.

By embracing "On-chain the art", artists can now take control of their creations and protect their rights, paving the way for a new era of art that is more inclusive, equitable, and accessible to all. This concept not only empowers artists, but it also benefits art enthusiasts who can now have a more direct and meaningful connection with their favorite artists. 

It is a true experiment in the potential of blockchain technology to transform traditional industries, and with this, we invite all to adopt the future of art with Dagora and On-chain The Art. Each brushstroke is an assertion of rights, every pixel a claim to legacy, and every artwork minted a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology. We reimagine the art world in the image of its creators, vested with control, transparency, and boundless potential.

Are you ready to be part of the story? Leave your signature on this digital tapestry, reach out to us via this form, and let's on-chain the art together.

A future of on-chain art lies ahead

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, art has found new and exciting possibilities with the introduction of NFTs. With the Dagora platform leading the way in making NFTs accessible to artists of all levels, a new future for art is waiting to be unlocked.

From emerging talents to established masters, artists can now run their own NFT collections on Web3, showcasing their unique visions to the world. As more artists enter this space, a ripple effect occurs, bringing awareness and understanding of NFTs and the power of blockchain technology. As Web2 artists transition into the world of NFTs, their creations hold a cultural significance that can bring prestige and fulfillment to collectors.

The fusion of traditional and digital art forms has the potential to bridge communities and disciplines, enriching the NFT ecosystem and creating a unique and valuable experience for collectors in this digital frontier. With the Dagora platform's vision and support, we can look forward to a future of endless possibilities for the world of art.

About Meendart 

MeendArt (M.A.) fosters the healing aspects of art, seeking to balance opportunities for artists globally. They facilitate international exchanges, education, and corporate art initiatives. Current projects include intercultural exhibitions with India and Japan, therapeutic hospital exhibitions, and educational programs for children. M.A. also coordinates art contests backed by corporate sponsorships.

About Dagora 

Dagora is a multichain NFT marketplace aiming to make NFTs accessible to everyone. Dagora facilitates everyone to create, collect, trade, and fully unlock the possibility of NFTs by providing comprehensive features, tools, full-stack services, and dedicated support.

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